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Drug Arrests Near School Property


Waverly Police Officers arrested Chris Mayberry of Waverly following a traffic stop on East Main St., March 10.  Officer Devin Elliott stopped a van driven by Mark McIllwain, (also of Waverly), in which Mayberry was a passenger, for a traffic violation.  A tip from Drug Detective Tony Ahne indicated that Mayberry was transporting cocaine. Officer David Ross and K9 Axle were called to the scene and indicated on the presence of drugs.  A search of Mayberry by Officer Elliott and Captain Grant Gillespie turned up a large amount of marijuana, crack cocaine and ecstasy pills.

According to Chief David Daniel “the drugs were seized less than four hundred feet from school property.   All of the officers worked together and did a good job of getting the drugs off the street.  We plan on charging Mayberry with having drugs near a school which should enhance his penalty”.

Officers seized the van, owned by Mayberry, as well as $1,598.00 in cash.  Mayberry was charged with Possession of Schedule 1 (Ecstasy) with Intent to Resale, Possession of Schedule 2 (Cocaine) with Intent to Resale, and Possession of Schedule 6 (Marijuana) with Intent to Resale.  He was booked in the Humphreys County Jail.  Mayberry has prior convictions for the sale of drugs in Waverly.  McIllwain was charged with Simple Possession of Cocaine.


Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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