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Flood Disaster Update

The Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency held a Disaster situation briefing at the Waverly Police Department today at 3 p.m.  The following are updates from the meeting:

All updates from EMA will be posted to the news section of and the Waverly Police Department’s facebook page.  Please check those websites for the latest news.

The Waverly Church of Christ  and the Red Cross are continuing to operate the shelter and are offering meals for disaster victims and volunteers.  They also have cleaning supplies available for flood victims.  Their number is 296-3213 if you need any of their services.

The First Baptist Church in Waverly is coordinating volunteer response.  All volunteers need to check in with the church and they will match you with a person in need.  First Baptist also has clothing available for flood victims.  Their number is 296-2348. 

The Waverly United Methodist Church is opening a day care program for children from Waverly Elementary School who are flood victims.  They will operate from 08:00 am to 3:00 pm on school days.  Space is limited and the program is limited to families affected by the flood.  Call the church at 296-2611 for additional information. 

The Red Cross is in town and will be preparing meals for flood victims and volunteers.  They will be distributing the meals from a mobile kitchen in Buffalo by using their mobile response vehicles.

FEMA is beginning the process of accepting applications for relief and assessing damage.  They will be operating from a mobile facility in the Waverly Police Department parking lot later this week.  We will post to our website and facebook page when that facility is operational.

Most Volunteers and all FEMA and Red Cross personnel will have ID.  If you have questions about the identity of anyone in your neighborhood, call the 911 Center at 296-7792.  They will have a list of volunteers or can dispatch a police officer or deputy sheriff to investigate any suspicious activity.

Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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