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Making a Commendation or Complaint

The Waverly Police Department recently updated its policy and procedures for handling commendations and complaints concerning its officers and employees.  For information concerning the process, you can visit our website for a detailed description of how to register your commendation or complaint.


Guidelines for Commending an Employee or Registering a Complaint.


This posting is designed to provide you with information about the process for commending a Police Department employee for work done, or for registering a complaint against the Police Department or employee, because of misconduct or misapplication of law, policy or procedure.

As a community oriented law enforcement agency, the Waverly Police Department strives to make your contacts with the Police Department professional, and informative in every way. When you have been helped by a Waverly Police Officer, or other Police Department employee, you can recommend a commendation for that person. If you have had an unprofessional, or otherwise unpleasant experience with a Waverly Police Officer or other employee, you may register a complaint with the department. The Waverly Police Department strives to instill in the public confidence in its Police Department by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and expertise in the delivery of law enforcement services.


When you wish to say “thank you”, or commend a Police Officer or other employee for a job well done, you can visit or call the Police Department during regular business hours and ask to speak with the Chief of Police, Patrol Captain or the on-duty Supervisor. You may also write a letter or email to the Police Department at any time. When saying thanks, try to remember the name of the Police Officer or other employee, and the circumstances surrounding how you were helped. The incident will be investigated, and the Police Officer or employee could receive an award or a letter of commendation through the Waverly Police Department.


The Waverly Police Department encourages and welcomes constructive criticism. Complaints from the public against members of the department or its procedures are accepted by following certain guidelines. The department will investigate all complaints, to equitably determine whether the allegations are valid or invalid, and to take appropriate action. The Police Department will keep complainants informed of the progress of the investigation so as to ensure public confidence in its efforts to “police its own”. The internal affairs function is performed by the Internal Affairs Officer of the Police Department. When you register a complaint with the Police Department, you will get a written response to acknowledge the receipt of your complaint. The complaint will be investigated within the time limits set by the Police Department’s policies regarding complaints against employees. After the investigation is complete you will receive a summary of the results of the investigation.

Third party complaints and complaints made through organizations other than the Police Department will be accepted. This is done to encourage those who may have a valid complaint, but may otherwise remain silent because of a sense of futility or fear.

The Police Department requests that, if possible, you register your complaint in person. If you are not able to do so, you may call and ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor. The supervisor will then record your concerns, and forward them to the Internal Affairs Unit for inquiry and resolution.

It is always critical when registering a complaint, that you remember the name of the officer or employee involved, the date and approximate time of the incident, and the specific circumstances about which you are complaining. All information and evidence is thoroughly reviewed to determine if the employee’s action violated a law or department rule or procedure. During the investigation you will be asked to participate in an interview, and give a statement to determine the facts of the complaint.

The Waverly Police Department is proud to serve you. Your input is valuable to us and we will continue to promote cooperation and community oriented policing in the City of Waverly.

If you feel it is necessary for you to register a complaint, you can be assured that it will be given a fair and thorough investigation.


Chief David Daniel
Waverly Police Department

P.O. Box 464
103 East Main St.

Waverly, TN 37185

931-296-3506 fax

Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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