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Sparky Visits Waverly Pre-K

On May 19, Officer Joe Parnell and Sparky visisted the Waverly Elementary School’s Pre-K classes.  Fire Safety was the subject of the day.  The children learned what to do in case of a fire at home and how to contact the Fire Department in case of an emergency.  The children learned the concept of how smoke rises and how they need to crawl from a smoke filled room.  The classes also got a close-up experience as they got to explore through the Waverly Fire Department’s Engine 7.  Since most children have never seen a firefighter in full turn-out gear, Officer Parnell dressed the part so the children could see and hear what a firefighter would be like should they ever encounter one in a real fire.

Officer Parnell has been visiting the Pre-K classes weekly and talking to the children about various topics including cheating, safety, and not talking to strangers.  The lessons are usually explained by reading the children a story.

Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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