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Web Site for Waverly Disaster Created

A website has been created to help maintain information about the 1978 propane explosion that occurred in Waverly.  During discussions between Mayor Buddy Frazier and Public Safety Chief Grant Gillespie, the idea to have a central website dedicated to the event and administered by the City of Waverly was born.  The website is located at and is maintained as part of the Department of Public Safety’s Website at

The new site will combine information such as articles, pictures and videos concerning the disaster.  “We wanted a place that brought all the information into one place and to help memorialize the event for future generations”, said Chief Gillespie, “Anyone who would like to contribute to the website should get in touch with us and we will incorporate any information relevant to what happened that day.”

The 1978 event claimed the lives of 16 people including the Police Chief and Fire Chief and hospitalized 43 others.  The event served as a turning point in emergency management across the country.


Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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