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WPD Cautions About Inhaling Freon

The Waverly Police Department is cautioning residents about a dangerous new trend of people getting high by “huffing” or inhaling Freon from air conditioning units.

On June 13, Officer Chris Taylor observed three men tampering with an air conditioning unit behind Waverly Wine and Liquor. Austin Blake Bone, 18, Rocky Josey Hodges, 19, and Joseph C Wright, 21, all of Waverly were charged Vandalism and Inhalation of a Dangerous Substance. One of the men admitted that they were inhaling the Freon to get high.

Inhaling Freon is extremely dangerous and several deaths have occurred across the country as a result of this behavior, many of them being young teenagers. Inhaling Freon can result in sudden death, freezing of the lungs and other medical complications.

“We have heard from local repair companies who are encountering units with low or empty Freon levels and they believe it is often the result of people attempting to get high”, said Chief David Daniel. “We would encourage the public to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood or around their business by calling 911.”

Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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