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WPD Urges Drivers to Watch for Deer

The Waverly Police Department urges drivers to watch for deer on roadways this time of year.  Deer breeding season begins this time of year and puts them on the move, especially in the dawn and dusk hours, leading to more collisions.  Deer collisions can occur anywhere, even on city streets.

WPD offers the following tips:

  • Whenever you see deer cross the road, expect more to follow. Many times, the second or third deer crossing becomes the one that motorists hit.
  • Be attentive; drive defensively, constantly scanning the roadside, especially at daybreak and dusk.
  • Do not swerve to avoid contact with deer. This could cause the vehicle to flip or veer into oncoming traffic, causing a more serious crash. Swerving also can confuse the deer as to where to run.
  • If a crash is inevitable, stay in your lane and don’t swerve, brake firmly, hold onto the steering wheel, and bring the vehicle to a controlled stop. Do not touch or go near the injured animal.
  • When you spot a deer, slow down immediately. Proceed slowly until you pass that point.
  • Wear seat belts. They are your best defense in a collision.

Report any deer collision, even if the damage is minor.  Pull to a safe place and dial 911 or our non-emergency dispatch line at 296-7792.


Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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