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Wrecker Standards for Flood Vehicles

August 26, 2021

Wrecker standards for removal of flood vehicles:

The following regulations are now in place regarding the removal of flooded and damaged vehicles.

All tows will be reported to the Waverly Police Department at least daily and within 24 hours.  Reporting shall include the vehicle description, tow company contact information, location of the tow and location where the vehicle will be stored.  The tow information can be emailed to or call the Waverly Police Department at 931-296-4300.

All tows must have the permission of the vehicle owner or private property owner.  No vehicles may be removed from streets, public property or rights of way without the authorization of the Chief of Police or his designee. 

Wrecker companies not following these regulations are not authorized to tow within the city limits.

Grant Gillespie
Chief of Police

Waverly Dept. of Public Safety

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